Producer and author of more than 180 documentaries on leading national TV-channels

«Channel 1» (2002-2020): «Russian summer of big football», «War and peace of Daniil Granin», «Queens of ice. Tender age», «Sochi. Between past and future», «Born in Besieged Leningrad», «Aleksei German. It’s hard to be with God», «Yelena Isinbayeva. Girl with pole», «Evgeni Plushenko. Life goes on», «Rio-2016. More than sport», «Grigorovich. Yury the Terrible», «Hiddink. Guus Ivanovich», «Anatoly Karpov. All the moves are recorded», «Viktor Tikhonov. The last of Atlantes», «Nikolay Valuev. The world’s largest politician», «Aleksei Yagudin. I am very fortunate with Tatiana», «Mothers of celebrities», «In the house with mother-in-law», «Football gladiators», «The champions. To win through the pain», «Fallen from the sky», «One hundred years of the State Duma», «The revolt of the Yenisei. Native shores», «Mom got married», «Sober life», «Brides with many children», «Yury Yakovlev. The last berth», «Cesarevitch Aleksei. Life and death of the heir», «Affairs of Mathilda Kschessinskaya», «Evgeni Plushenko. Endless duel», «Communal paradise», «Life in three turns. Belousova and Protopopov», «My father is Shalyapin», «Artek. Pioneer tale», «Children saboteurs», «Raimonds Pauls», «Lyudmila Pakhomova. Short happiness of the Queen of ice», «Hot ice of Irina Slutskaya», «Fashion for sport», «Vladimir Shahrin. Live it up in “Сhaif”», «Energy of Victory» etc.

«Channel 5»: «My soviet childhood», «My soviet teens» with Dmitry Gubеrniеv; «My soviet youth», «My soviet New Year» with Mikhail Boyarsky.

«Russia»: «Bandera’s men. War without rules» etc.

«Russia-2»: «Spanish mystery novel», «Special sport», «Collection of Olympic works» etc.

«NTV»: «The Blockade of Leningrad», «The first fifty of BG», «The Olympic mysteries of Russia», «Secrets of the Finnish War», «Last allied parade» etc.

«Match TV»: «Stewardess named Lisa. Tuktamysheva», «Maxim Kovtun. The return of the prodigal son» etc.

Author, producer, presenter of documentary series, entertainment programs, telethons:

— «Match TV»: Head of the author’s group of documentary series «1+1», «Stars of Russian football», «Drams of a great sport» etc.

— «Channel 5»: Weekly program «Big father with Nikolay Valuev», author and producer. Documentary series «My soviet», 30 episodes, including — New Year’s Eve-2018 on Channel 5.

— «NTV»: Chief editor and writer of projects: «One day with Kirill Nabutov», «Petersburg from “A” to “Z”». Screenplay and producer of documentary series «Punishment. Russian prison: yesterday and today», 18 episodes.

— «100 TV»: Author and presenter of documentary series: «The Blockade. Hunger», «Stories and legends of Lenfilm studio», «Rescuers of Saint Petersburg», «Stars of Saint Petersburg sports».

— «VGTRK»: Head of the author’s group of documentary series «Collection of Olympic works».

— «Domashniy»: Author and producer of documentary series «Woman. Man».

— «TV-3»: TV-drama series «Treasures of Russia». The main role — investigative journalist.

— Producer and presenter of project «SKA Star».

— Author and presenter of telethons: «Russia. Healthy future»; «Saint Petersburg. Communal capital»; «Survivors of the Siege in communal apartments» etc.

— Shooting in episodes: «Sea devils», «Streets of broken lights» etc.

— Chief editor — chief producer of TV-channel «100-TV» (Saint Petersburg, 2012-2013).

Sportscaster of TV-channels «Russia», «Match TV»:

Olympic Games 2000 — Sydney.

— Olympic Games 2002 — Salt Lake City.

— Olympic Games 2004 — Athens.

— Olympic Games 2006 — Turin.

— Olympic Games 2008 — Beijing.

— Olympic Games 2010 — Vancouver.

— Olympic Games 2012 — London.

— Olympic Games 2014 — Sochi.

— Olympic Games 2016 — Rio de Janeiro.

The World Universiada-2019.

— The World Figure Skating Championships, European Figure Skating Championships, The World Championships in Athletics, European Championships in Athletics. Edmonton, Munich, Paris, Budapest, Madrid, Helsinki, Moscow, Gothenburg, Berlin, Barcelona, Bern, Daegu, Istanbul, Zurich, Beijing, Tokyo etc. (2001-2019).

Director and presenter of Ice Capades stars of the world figure skating: «Stars in the Ice Palace» — show of Nikolai Baskov and Evgeni Plushenko»; «Belousova and Protopopov. Homecoming»; «Aleksei Yagudin among his friends» etc. (Saint Petersburg); «Sochi stars are inviting» (Moscow). Presenter of Ice Capades: «Kings of ice. Evgeni Plushenko and others…» (Moscow, Saint Petersburg); «Aleksei Mishin. 70 years old», «Olympic heroes», «Moskvina and Mishin, year — 2019» etc. Director of the Official Opening Ceremony of the Final «ISU GRAND-PRIX» (Final of the World Figure Skating Grand-Prix Series).

Producer and director of TV-version of the ice musical «The Bremen town musicians».

Participant of the game «Fort Boyard. Russia».

— «TEFI-Chronicle Of Victory-2020». Documentary «War and peace of Daniil Granin».

— «TEFI-2011». Documentary series «Communal capital».

— «TEFI-2010». Sport program «Stanislav Zhuk. The great lonely».

— «TEFI-2009». Sport program «Yelena Isinbayeva. The Queen of height».

— «TEFI-2008». Sport program «Aleksei Yagudin. Love, pain and ice».

— Final of «TEFI-2011». Sport program «Anatoly Karpov. All the moves are recorded».

— Final of «TEFI-2018». Sport program «Soviet sport with Mikhail Boyarsky».

— Final of «TEFI-CAPITAL-2019». Documentary «Russian Atom».

— TOP PRIZE of the Film Festival of the International Olympic Committee. «Roses for Elena Berezhnaya» (Lausanne).

— GRAND PRIX of the International Sports Film Festival «Atlas». «The Olympic mysteries of Russia».

— GRAND PRIX of the Forum «Russia is a country of sports».

— The First Award of the International Sports Film Festival in Milan. «Yelena Isinbayeva. The Queen of height», «The first pair. More than love», «Anatoly Karpov. All the moves are recorded».

—Special Prizes of the Festival in Milan. «Evgeni Plushenko. Endless duel», «Aleksei Yagudin. Love, pain and ice», «Hiddink. Guus Ivanovich».

—The First Award of the International Festival «Zlatibor» (Belgrade).

—The Grand Prize of the MCHS «Constellation of courage». «Rescuers of Saint Petersburg».

—Award of Saint Petersburg in the nomination «The best TV-program».

— Youth Award of Saint Petersburg.

— Award «Golden Pen» (2002, 2013). 

Projects in 2020:

  • «Virus». The first film in Russia about COVID-19. The premiere was on February 7, 2020.
  • «BAM – 45 years». History of the Baikal-Amur Mainline.  
  • «Aleksei Mishin. 78». Documentary about world-famous figure skating coach. 
  • «Oleg Basilashvili. Honestly». Film about the life of great actor. 
  • «Race of Heroes». Reality show. 
  • «Trains of Victory». Animation project about railways of the Second World War.
  • «Energy of Victory». Film on Channel 1 about oil, coal, gas and electricity of the Second World War. 
  • Four episodes of the documentary series «Grandchildren of Victory». 
  • «Petersburgers». Films-portraits about world-famous artists of Saint Petersburg.